Manufacturing Quality Insights the Way You Need Them 

Choose from cloud or on-premises deployments.
Your approach to manufacturing quality control must meet your organization’s specific requirements. Whether you need a manufacturing quality platform that utilizes the latest cloud technology or an onsite quality management and SPC solution, InfinityQS® has the right product to fit your needs.
Leverage the Power of SPC in the Cloud
InfinityQS offers two options for deploying SPC-driven quality management in the cloud.

Our award-winning Enact platform provides a modern, intuitive, integrated solution that speeds real-time quality data collection, reporting and analysis.
ProFicient on Demand offers a flexible, scalable way to centralize your SPC software, minimizing total cost of ownership while supporting operational agility and scalability.

Consider our cloud-based solutions if your business wants:
  • Ease of deployment: Scale easily and automatically through a SaaS model
  • Access from any device: Real-time data through any browser
  • Real-time collaboration: Dashboard-based insights improve communication within and across teams
  • Standardization: Improve quality and efficiency across sites
  • Reduced operational costs: Reduce infrastructure and IT support
  • Hassle-free updates: Eliminate the cost and hassle of software, hardware, and technology upgrades
  • Total data visibility: A single version of the truth for all stakeholders

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Powerful, Flexible, and Scalable On-Premises SPC Software
ProFicient on Premises, the industry-leading SPC solution, offers real-time visibility and flexible configuration to meet the needs of highly regulated manufacturing organizations.

ProFicient on Premises enables you to maintain corporate- or industry-required control and security by hosting the software on your own servers and hardware and securing the application behind your own firewall.

In addition, our on-premises solution supports established industry and regulatory software validation and compliance requirements.

Choose our on-premises solution if your business wants:
  • Statistical validation: InfinityQS maintains statistical validation for inclusion in your documentation
  • Simplified data collection: Enable manual, automated, semi-automated, and mobile quality data acquisition
  • Real-time data visibility: Unified data repository for fast and easy analysis and reporting
  • Flexible monitoring and analysis: Identify potential problems and best practices
  • Workflow management: Automated notifications and alerts ensure prompt action
  • Advanced reporting: Dashboard views of KPIs helps lower costs and increase profits

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Your Trusted Partner for Successful Deployment

InfinityQS provides the powerful quality management solution you need—the way you need it. Learn about the elements that lead to successful deployments.

Ocean Spray & SPC: Growing Together

Learn how Ocean Spray Cranberries® Inc. uses InfinityQS software to increase process visibility across plants—and empower instant, meaningful improvements in product quality control.
Ocean Spray Cranberries has five global Craisins® dried cranberry plants, and all use InfinityQS Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools to track every step in the production lifecycle.
Then, the facilities began using InfinityQS as a way to visually display and analyze its manufacturing data. They discovered that access to real-time data could empower immediate process improvements. Now, InfinityQS turbocharges how Ocean Spray uses SPC, resulting in transformative change.
  • Operators are empowered to adjust in-spec processes to hit quality targets.
  • Process capability improved 50% in just over a month.
  • Produce quality targets are standardized across plants.
  • Teams save time and effort with streamlined and simplified reporting.
  • The company has gained a marketable competitive advantage.

Download the full case study to learn how Ocean Spray Cranberries maintains market leadership.


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