Gain the Benefits of Cloud-based Manufacturing Quality Intelligence

The cloud offers manufacturers greater flexibility to handle the challenges and disruptions of today’s challenging environment.
How are cloud-based quality management solutions benefitting manufacturers in today’s challenging world?

Seize the Opportunities of SPC in the Cloud

Cloud-based quality intelligence provides instant access to quality information from across your enterprise—enabling real-time collaboration and revealing operational insights that can help your teams improve product quality and process efficiency.
Enterprise Visibility
Easily compare quality performance across all processes, lines, and plants.
Simple Deployment
Designed to make it easy to add new sites, workstations, and users.
Access from Anywhere
Browser-based interface is accessible from any internet-connected device.
Collaborate & Standardize
Promote best practices across sites to make quality monitoring more effective and efficient.
Simplify Compliance
Prove regulatory compliance and create audit reports in minutes.

Elevate Performance with SPC in the Cloud

The future of manufacturing lies in the cloud because it offers greater flexibility, responsiveness, and visibility. Explore the pages below to learn more about how cloud-based Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions like Enact by InfinityQS can help make quality a competitive differentiator for your manufacturing operations.

A Cloud Success Story

A premium baked goods manufacturer got off paper and saw immediate results with InfinityQS.
“We can all see whether or not a process is in control: we are all aware of the control limits for each process—and we set better limits. Now we are always within limits and can respond quickly.”

Enhance Collaboration & Productivity with
Actionable Information

Who benefits from InfinityQS® cloud-based quality intelligence? Everyone.

A cloud-based quality intelligence solution provides immediate benefits, starting on the plant floor.

Plant operators and quality personnel benefit from having access to the same information—and better communications—to keep processes running smoothly.
How does a cloud-based quality management solution benefit manufacturers at the plant level?
How does a cloud-based quality management solution benefit manufacturing leadership?

When manufacturing leaders can see quality data across all lines and plants, they make better, data-based decisions.

For any modern manufacturing organization, cloud-based quality intelligence is a true game changer.

Lower the Cost of Quality

Flexible, scalable SPC software in the cloud enables organizations to reduce deployment and maintenance costs while supporting operational agility and scalability.
Easy to own: A Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model means you pay only for what you use. Pricing is based on monthly usage and can be increased or decreased as needed—with no lengthy contracts.
Reduced operational costs: InfinityQS maintains the IT infrastructure that runs the software and its database, freeing up your IT resources and minimizing IT support costs.
Hassle-free updates: Enjoy immediate access to the newest features with automatic updates that enable you to constantly improve your quality program—with no impact to your IT team.

Two Ways to Master Quality Management in the Cloud: Enact & ProFicient on Demand

Explore InfinityQS cloud-based quality management solutions—powered by SPC and purpose-built for manufacturing enterprises of any size, with any number of locations.

Enact Quality Intelligence: Go Beyond SPC

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Enact® provides manufacturers with unified visibility, expanded insight, and greater understanding of their quality data. Explore the transformative capabilities of the cloud via:
  • Quick rollout, adoption, and expansion
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and collaboration
  • Flexible manual and automated data collection
  • Role-based dashboards to improve operator efficiency
  • Advanced alerting and notifications
  • Process modeling to enable standardization and improvements
  • Patent-pending visual analytics for faster decision making

Download the Case Study Learn More about Enact

ProFicient on Demand: Proven SPC in the Cloud

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ProFicient™ on Demand is the leading real-time SPC solution, time tested and trusted by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Explore the capabilities of the cloud with:
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and collaboration
  • Flexible manual and automated data collection
  • Powerful SPC charting options
  • Acceptance sampling and supplier management
  • Dynamic scheduling for event-triggered data collection
  • Dashboard-driven insight into quality events

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Manufacturers who moved quality management to the cloud will never return to paper and pencil. Learn why!

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