Embrace the Advantages of Cloud-based SPC in Quality Management

The cloud makes it easy to ensure in-spec processes and products.

Why Use Cloud-based SPC in
Quality Management?

Cloud-based Statistical Process Control (SPC) software unifies and centralizes quality data, enabling you to access operational insights in real time, from any device. Manufacturers in all industries use this immediate, accurate view of quality and process data to maintain consistent, in-spec processes and products.

Watch our case study video to learn how glass recycler and manufacturer Strategic Materials unifies quality data across plants—in the cloud—to maintain enterprise-wide consistency.
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What are the advantages of cloud-based SPC in quality management?

With SPC in the cloud, your team gains access to real-time quality data—providing strategic advantages such as:

  • Total process visibility
  • Reduced waste and scrap
  • Improved product quality
  • Simplified compliance
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How Does the Cloud Improve
Visibility & Real-time Quality Control?

The cloud changes the way you collect, store, and analyze data. When you bring your quality data online via a cloud-based SPC quality management solution, you gain advantages across operations—unlocking opportunities that are not possible using paper-based or onsite quality systems.
Automated notifications support cloud-based SPC in quality management

Ensure product quality, compliance & consistency

Real-time visibility is crucial for quickly resolving issues and for keeping processes and product quality in spec. InfinityQS cloud-based SPC software provides assurance that data is collected at the right intervals—and is accurate. If a quality check or data sampling is missed, the system sends automated reminders and notifications, and enables operators to document corrective actions. Managers gain insights into the on-time performance of plant-floor personnel so they can help ensure product quality compliance and improve  staff performance at the same time.
Real-time event tracking in cloud-based SPC software

Reduce costly & time-consuming manual data management

Storing quality data on paper or spreadsheets prevents your team from proactively addressing quality events. Analysis requires labor-intensive, manual data manipulation—and the information is out of date before you see it. Using cloud-based SPC software, your team gets meaningful information in real time, so you can stop issues before they result in costly scrap and waste.
Cloud-based SPC software enables prioritization of quality management efforts.

Collaborate & optimize operations

With legacy or paper-based systems, data practices can differ from site to site, making it impossible to compare quality performance across locations. Using cloud-based SPC in quality management helps you standardize data across processes, lines, and plants. That makes it easier to compare information, measure performance, and collaborate on process optimization.

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