Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Starts With Quality

Bringing quality data online unlocks insights to improve operational efficiency.

How Does the Cloud Support Digital Transformation in Manufacturing?

Modern manufacturers need agile, responsive, and connected operations. Cloud technology supports digital transformation in manufacturing by providing process visibility and access to real-time data—across processes, lines, and plants. With this data in hand, your company can take a proactive approach to quality.

Watch our case study video to see how one national electrical device company digitized operations with cloud-based Statistical Process Control (SPC) software—and improved quality across their organization.
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What is Driving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing?

Changes in consumer behavior, COVID-19, and the increased adoption of cloud technology are all propelling digital transformation in manufacturing. Remote access to quality data has become essential to modern plant workers—so they can successfully meet today’s challenges and demands. Read our brief to learn more about how manufacturers are becoming more agile, efficient, and cost effective.

Why is Quality the Key to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing?

Digital transformation in manufacturing is no longer optional—it’s imperative to long-term success. But making this move is often viewed as overwhelming and complex. However, by employing a tactical approach that starts with getting quality data off paper and into real-time, cloud-based SPC software, manufacturers can make significant headway toward fully digital operations.
Starting digital transformation in manufacturing with quality data reduces complexity.

Digitizing data reduces complexity

A major problem with site-based quality systems is that they separate and silo data, limiting its value and making it difficult to access and use. Modern, cloud-based SPC software unites quality management data across sites and displays information to users in customized, role-based dashboards. This provides a complete picture of quality performance,  and empowers meaningful, timely action.
Moving quality to the cloud-based SPC software makes actionable data available to users anywhere.

Using cloud-based SPC for quality management enables agile responses

Access to real-time quality data and analytics is imperative for manufacturers. Adaptability and agility are impeded when crucial data is stored on paper or in spreadsheets—forcing your team to spend valuable time finding, organizing, and preparing data for use. Cloud-based SPC software makes actionable data available to users working in any location.
Moving forward with digital transformation in manufacturing reduces costs

A modern, digital solution lowers costs

There’s a common misconception that digital transformation in manufacturing is expensive. However, a cloud-based digital solution enables you to take advantage of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing models that let you pay only for what you use, scale quickly and easily, and eliminate hardware maintenance and software upgrade costs.

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