New SPC Tools for a New Era of Quality

Discover substantial benefits for your manufacturing organization when you modernize shop floor operations with new quality control tools and techniques. 
New Tools For a New Era
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Embrace a better SPC solution

Manufacturing has changed. Yet many manufacturers still approach quality improvement and statistical process control (SPC) with yesterday’s mindset and SPC tools. Why not meet these challenges with solutions that work with today’s technology and data loads, rather than keeping you stuck in the past?

InfinityQS® software—ProFicient™ for on-premises or Enact® in the cloud—brings SPC tools up to speed. With features that help you optimize and modernize data collection, analysis, and reporting, our solutions enable you to overcome today’s most pressing problems and challenges.

Think you can’t afford an SPC solution?

What ROI can we expect from SPC software

With InfinityQS Enact, Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Award winner for Product Leadership, implementing SPC software has never been easier—or more affordable. From low cost of entry to robust help systems, Enact is designed to make statistical process control tools work for you. Plus, our team of Six Sigma green and black belts understand quality and are ready to provide the tools and training you need to become a model of modern manufacturing success.

  • Starts at just $65/license/month
  • Easy to learn and use from anywhere, anytime
  • Cloud-based deployment and extensive self-help to reduce IT burden
  • Supplemental training available onsite or at our training facilities

The cost of standing still

Can you afford not to improve your process quality? Not only does InfinityQS Enact break through traditional SPC price barriers, it enables additional profit potential simply by helping you update the way you deal with data.

Don’t take our word for it.

Our customers have saved millions of dollars in recovered costs and improved productivity.

"Coty has realized benefits across all parts of the value chain – from quality professionals that experience unprecedented database accuracy, to executives seeing financial savings."

Easy to start. Easy to expand.

Enact empowers you to quickly realize the benefits of digital data collection and analysis. Start today with:

  • Five Enact licenses: add more as needed
  • Quick Setup wizard: your guide to configuring data collections
  • Video tutorials and easy-to-use help: available in our Guided Learning Center
  • Flexible expansion: reconfigure your licenses, add licenses, integrate with other manufacturing systems, and move to automated data collection—at any time
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Resources for the Quality Professional

Want to see how InfinityQS makes real-time SPC tools that are indispensable to manufacturers across the globe? Take a look at these resources for real-life success stories, expert insights, solution details, and more.

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