Speed Responsiveness to Customers and Auditors with SPC Tools

Audits can cost manufacturers thousands in lost time—and those are the ones that go right.
How can we reduce the time to prepare an audit
How can we reduce the time to prepare an audit?

How SPC Can Help

For manufacturers, industry audits are typically a stressful endeavor. Depending on your industry, regulations and compliance issues can be complicated, overwhelming—and devastating, if not followed and documented correctly. With an audit on the horizon, it can be difficult to find the time to locate, compile, and present the requested data while staying on top of all your regular day-to-day tasks. A statistical process control (SPC) system can help ease the process, giving you a more efficient way to collect, store, and retrieve quality and operations data.

"We began to implement InfinityQS in our inspection areas and immediately saw the advantage of interfacing gauges. Instead of measuring parts and spending time filling in an inspection record, the inspector is able to hit a button, and the data is automatically entered.”

Use Enact to Make Audit Prep Easier

Enact makes manufacturing audit prep easier

With Enact®, you can easily prove that checks were completed correctly and on time. You can create reports in minutes, pulling together quality, preventative control, and other data across one shift or multiple shifts on multiple days.

Create quality data reports in minutes with the Enact SPC system
Easily create customized reports in response to specific auditor or customer queries (e.g., an exceptions report that shows only applicable alarms, events, assignable causes, and corrective actions).
Enact system diagram
Save expensive physical storage space with Enact’s secure, cloud-based environment—without sacrificing anywhere, anytime access.
Cloud based SPC system
Improve traceability with Enact, for more precise tracking in the event of a problem with the quality of raw materials or finished product. Improved responsiveness in such situations can help to mitigate damage to your brand.

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