Costs of a Real-Time SPC Solution

Many manufacturers worry about the cost of implementing a real-time statistical process control (SPC) solution. But a robust solution like InfinityQS® Enact® offers a fast, impressive return on investment (ROI) by reducing costs and saving resources at a level that many companies can’t even imagine. These savings are realized in all areas of operations and quality SPC, from data collection and analysis to reporting and communications.

Manufacturing Data Collection

How much time do your operators spend manually collecting data? Many manufacturers still use paper and pencil to keep track of process quality metrics, draining resources as well as complicating future analysis and reporting. When calculating ROI for InfinityQS SPC solutions, consider how much the following factors cost you now:

  • Operator time spent on manual data collection and data recording or entry
  • Missed or inaccurate collections and entries
  • Missed information because of data overload (lack of filtering capabilities)

Data Collection

Manufacturing Data Analysis

Can your quality team spot the sorts of historical trends that can lead to major cost savings? Can they compare process or product information across machines, shifts, and sites? Or do they spend countless hours trying to manipulate quality data in Excel or Minitab, simply to get the most basic results? How much do you spend in time and quality or IT resources on the following:

  • Trying (or failing) to evaluate which processes, equipment, or shifts to prioritize for improvement
  • Searching for additional cost savings
  • Worrying about how to bring your poorest performing sites or lines up to the standard of your best performers

Data Analysis

Manufacturing Data Reporting

When your operations team is finished with your SPC data, what happens to it? How difficult and disruptive are customer information requests or audit notifications? Without the type of true Unified Data Repository that InfinityQS solutions provide, reporting and communications can drain IT and quality resources. But with Enact, you can be assured that everyone on every team—operations, quality, IT, and executive—benefit from smoother, faster data access:

  • Everyone has access to the same information, without manual, complex reporting.
  • Cloud-based SPC solutions enable fully mobile, anywhere/anytime access.
  • Pulling data and reports in response to audits and customer requests takes a fraction of the time required with other SPC solutions.

Data Reporting


Enact® captures and centralizes critical production data—and makes it immediately actionable so teams work efficiently and collaboratively. 

  • Meaningful information—when you need it—from any web-enabled device
  • Role-based dashboards reduce complexity and empower timely action
  • Streamlined data collection, notifications, workflows, and analytics
  • Fast deployment, easy configuration, and rapid scalability



SPC Software On Premises—and On Demand

ProFicient enables you to optimize performance and process capability—and make smarter decisions to meet your business goals.

  • Extraordinary flexibility and integration with existing systems
  • Tailored data views for at-a-glance, actionable information
  • Comprehensive SPC and analysis tools
  • Data visualization to quickly identify opportunities for improvement



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