Quality Re-Imagined

Turn “Good Enough” into “Nobody’s Better.”

Re-Imagine Quality and transform your business

What if quality was more than a final checkbox? What if it was an integral part of every part and process in your supply chain? InfinityQS® solutions help you re-imagine quality—both how it's measured and how it's utilized in the lifecycle of your product. The results elevate your operations from "good enough" to "nobody's better."

What if you saw quality like we do...

You know manufacturing; we know quality. Find out how we can help you achieve strategic decision-making and transformative results.

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Achieve true product excellence

Looking for ways to improve quality in manufacturing? Manufacturing quality control involves gathering and unifying quality data through your entire process—from suppliers to customers—and across manufacturing sites, to gain a new level of visibility. With complete historical data, real-time reports, and up-to-the-minute Manufacturing Intelligence, InfinityQS enables the strategic insight you need to prioritize quality at every stage, turning it into a resource as well as a goal.
Enterprise Visibility | InfinityQS Excellence Loop
You can't solve a puzzle with only a few pieces—and you can't achieve true excellence with siloed data from just one plant or process. InfinityQS simplifies data collection via an intuitive, customizable visual interface and solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing software and equipment.
  • Simplify and standardize data collection.
  • Reduce time to respond to issues.
  • Easily integrate with existing infrastructure.
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Operational Insight | InfinityQS Excellence Loop
With your supply chain and production line data unified and easy to access, you can generate useful and actionable insight. Manufacturing quality control delivers improved analysis and reporting while enabling best practices across all plants, lines, processes, and products.
  • Use intelligent insight to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Improve compliance and meet regulatory demands.
  • Standardize quality data reporting.
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Global Transformation | InfinityQS Excellence Loop
With true visibility across the enterprise and actionable insight throughout your entire operation, you can streamline, optimize, and transform processes and operations—across lines, across sites, and around the globe. Unified, aggregated, historical insight initiates continuous improvement that can transform your business.
  • Consistently thrill customers.
  • Meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.
  • Switch from reactive to proactive decision making.
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Quality Data: From a cost to profit center.

Do you see quality as a problem - or an opportunity? At InfinityQS, we help manufacturers look at quality management in a new light as an enterprise-wide tool for growth and transformation, rather than just one more to-do on your checklist.

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Connect and support your teams

See how teams across your organization can benefit from InfinityQS solutions.
Support your Quality team
Manufacturing quality control requires a variety of ways to evaluate and monitor products and process accuracy—all while saving time and reducing the potential for errors.
  • Automate and standardize quality reporting
  • Provide as-needed reports of real-time data
  • Get a historical view for in-depth insights
  • Meet growing demands of new products and customers
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Support your Manufacturing team
Get insight into your manufacturing quality control process and discover ways to improve quality in manufacturing with our data management software and prevent possible issues and keep production humming.
  • Optimize production
  • Automate data collection
  • Reduce costs, risk, and downtime
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Support your Management team
Meet the demands of quality programs (Six Sigma, Lean) and regulation compliance while keeping costs down and yield up.
  • Improve product compliance
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve yield
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Support your IT team
Reduce the burden on your IT staff without skimping on security or sacrificing functionality.
  • Easily integrate new solutions
  • Reduce demands on IT resources
  • Meet security requirements
  • Easily deploy for your scenario
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Support your Executive team
Do you see quality as a problem or an opportunity? Embed quality in every process throughout the enterprise and transform your business.
  • Improve product quality and brand loyalty
  • Meet or exceed customer demands
  • Improve compliance and reduce recalls
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See how your organization can Re-Imagine Quality and improve operational results.


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