Advanced Quality Control Solutions

InfinityQS® works with manufacturers of all sizes across every industry sector. Whether your company has one manufacturing site or is a global enterprise, our advanced quality control solutions are your best option for real-time quality management and data intelligence. Our expert team of Account Managers, Industrial Statisticians, Certified Quality Engineers (CQEs), and Six Sigma Black Belts will create a tailored quality management software solution for your company that will address all of your needs. 

Enterprise Solutions
InfinityQS Enterprise Solutions are for organizations with multiple manufacturing sites where quality is centrally managed or large-scale, strategic deployments are necessary. Our solutions for enterprise-class manufacturers feature real-time shop-floor visibility, unified data storage and management, and multiple-plant comparison capability. In addition, Enterprise Solutions can be integrated with other manufacturing systems.

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Multiple-Site Solutions
InfinityQS Multiple-Site Solutions are for organizations with multiple manufacturing sites where each site manages its own quality initiatives. Our solutions for manufacturers with multiple sites harness real-time shop-floor visibility, deliver sophisticated reporting, and can be replicated and deployed across other facilities.

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Single-Site Solutions
InfinityQS Single-Site Solutions are for organizations with simple or complex manufacturing environments that are housed within a single manufacturing facility. Our solutions for manufacturers with single sites are shop-floor centric and can be integrated throughout the facility.

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