Quality Solutions for Multiple Sites

Quality-focused manufacturers with multiple sites are moving away from home-grown and legacy quality systems because these systems lack key features such as configurable data collection, real-time analysis, and powerful reporting capabilities. These companies turn to InfinityQS® for a quality solution with both the feature set and the flexibility to meet the demands of their individual sites, executive teams, and regulatory agencies.

Software: Robust, flexible, expandable
InfinityQS provides premier real-time manufacturing quality platforms. Our cloud-based and on-premises solutions carry feature sets that support nearly every aspect of quality management from the shop floor to multi-plant reporting to visibility into the supply chain. InfinityQS solutions can be configured to enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs), ensuring that the right checks take place at the right time. Our software can also be deployed at individual plants or across all plants through a central, Unified Data Repository to allow for plant-to-plant comparison reporting.

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Services: Insights from manufacturing experts

InfinityQS offers a variety of services to benefit manufacturers with multiple sites. Our clients benefit most from pre-implementation discovery and planning visits that often uncover areas for immediate attention and improvement.

Expand and continuously improve

Clients also benefit from our Expand Deployment services, which can help get other areas of your facility or other plants up to speed with using InfinityQS software.

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Training to hit the ground running

InfinityQS offers both fundamental and advanced software training classes that help quality managers and engineers get familiar with the software and quickly become "resident experts."

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General Cable is using ProFicient in 16 of their facilities.

As the platform was rolled out, they saw increased stability, steady improvement across their processes, decreased material usage, and improved quality. Typical return on investment for General Cable has been less than six months across their plants. ProFicient™ has become an integral part of General Cable’s Quality Management initiatives.

Industry applications

InfinityQS solutions have many features that help manufacturers meet the specific demands and requirements of their industries. Learn more about how we help our clients in the following industries.

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