Quality Solutions for Single Sites

Many of our prospective clients use an inefficient paper-based or home-grown system to manage quality. Those methods are time-consuming and do not offer the real-time visibility needed to make on-the-fly, money-saving adjustments during a shift. To stay competitive in today's manufacturing landscape, you must be able to fix problems as they arise, not after a day's- or week's-worth of poor quality product has gone out the door.

Software: SPC is only the beginning
InfinityQS® provides the #1 ranked real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. Our cloud-based and on-premises solutions carry feature sets that support every aspect of plant-floor quality management. Operator-friendly interfaces and gauge connectivity allow for efficient data collection, and reporting features allow manufacturers to perform multi-level data mining to help uncover the causes of variation. InfinityQS's Workflow Management features help ensure that data is captured at the appropriate times throughout a shift.

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Services: We're more than a software company

Up and operational in record time

Our services help clients get InfinityQS solutions installed and running on the shop floor in as little as a few business days. Many of our clients also benefit from pre-implementation discovery and planning visits that can uncover areas for immediate attention and improvement.

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Training to hit the ground running

InfinityQS offers both fundamental and advanced software training classes that help quality engineers get familiar with the software and quickly become "resident experts."

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SPC Software ROI

Snak King Realizes $1 Million in Waste Reduction

Before implementing ProFicient™, Snak King experienced wide swings in their product quality as their operators were not using true SPC decision-making rules. ProFicient has allowed Snak King to really look at data, especially process variability data, which allowed them to re-engineer their processes to improve quality. For Snak King, this has resulted in a 30% reduction in customer complaints. They have also reduced costs associated with product waste by more than $1 million compared to the previous year.

Industry applications

InfinityQS solutions have many features that help manufacturers meet the specific demands and requirements of their industries. Learn more about how we help our clients in the following industries.

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