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Reduce infrastructure costs, leverage investments, and minimize IT involvement—while increasing operational efficiency.

Solutions that meet your specific needs

Integrate existing infrastructure with InfinityQS
Save money and time and reduce demands on IT, thanks to InfinityQS® solutions’ easy integration with your internal and third-party manufacturing systems, communications protocols, and databases. With off-the-shelf simplicity, there’s no need to create custom interfaces. Simply deploy InfinityQS in your existing infrastructure; whether on premises or on demand, our flexible solutions support communications with the systems you already use.
Reduce demands on  IT resources with InfinityQS
IT resources are in short supply. Minimize your overhead by using InfinityQS’s hosted solution—or host it yourself, with software that fits your existing architecture.

Our software as a service (SaaS) solution eliminates the need for extra servers, databases, and administrators. InfinityQS supports self-service, on-demand reporting and customizable configurations.
Meet security requirements with InfinityQS
In today’s rapidly changing cyber-threat landscape, security is always a top priority. InfinityQS follows best practices to help keep your data encrypted and safe. InfinityQS solutions support CFR21 Part 11 for user credentials; system-specific security features ensure the security of system access (including read, write, and edit permissions), and flexible support for granular roles and permissions lets you limit or expand use of data as needed. In addition, InfinityQS is ISO 27001 certified to meet both security and quality standards.
Easy deployments with InfinityQS
The flexibility and scalability of InfinityQS solutions provide support for a single site or a global enterprise. A centralized, Unified Data Repository provides easy access from any location. And standardized reporting simplifies data analysis and improves operational insight without additional demands on IT resources.
Reduce demands on IT support with InfinityQS
Post-deployment, InfinityQS solutions require minimal IT attention and time. There are no custom interfaces to create, and no custom coding is required. In addition, configurations, data collection, data management, and reporting are all designed to be created and maintained by end users. The InfinityQS solution is flexible and can expand without requiring IT involvement.

Support your teams

Straightforward deployment
Simplify integration and deployment.
Maximize resources
Reduce burdens on time and resources.
Easy integration
Facilitate system integrations with legacy systems.
Security support
Meet security standards and best practices.
Deployment options
Choose from on-demand, private cloud, or on-premises deployments.
Simplify maintenance
Eliminate upgrades using industry-standard cloud-based technologies.
Essential access
Enable direct access to and configuration of essential systems.
Rely on our stable, scalable systems.

Platform benefits and features

Flexible data-integration tools

Flexible data-integration tools

Connect to multiple protocols and platforms.
Rapid deployment of multiple sites and for multiple parts

Rapid deployment of multiple sites

Use a standardized methodology and system design to minimize repetition.

Continual and flexible support and improvement

Continual and flexible support and improvement

Grow your InfinityQS solution along with your infrastructure.
Configuration-based functionality

Configuration-based functionality

Avoid pricey add-ons. No custom coding required. 
Complete data traceability

Complete data traceability

Track and record edits, modifications, and deletes for compliance and forensic audits.
Security and certification

Security and certification

InfinityQS is an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company. Our products support system-specific security features and 256-bit data-encryption technologies.

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