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Increase performance and business results with real-time analysis of quality data.

Solutions that meet your specific needs

Plan and monitor production with InfinityQS
The more product you can get out the door, the better—if it meets requirements. InfinityQS® gives you the ability to closely monitor what's happening on the shop floor and manage production process quality so that you can optimize manufacturing and ensure the highest quality products are produced at the lowest cost. You can also use this insight to meet compliance demands for auditing and initiatives like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.
Detect problems and reduce risk with InfinityQS
Mistakes that put production on hold can cost your customers—and you—business. If quality slips, product ends up in the scrap bin, stuck in re-inspection, or headed straight back from your unhappy customers. Not to mention that some production issues can even increase employee risk.
Keeping ahead of potential issues is a must when it comes to protecting your customers and employees. InfinityQS can help by providing a centralized data repository that can give you all the insight you need to find and stop issues before they become disasters.
Manage production expense with InfinityQS
In manufacturing, the ability to reduce costs can mean the difference between expansion and closure. But after years of cost cutting, where can you find savings? InfinityQS helps you uncover information that can help you optimize processes and reduce costs that you couldn't even see before—rework, scrap, and ineffciciencies. InfinityQS can help you re-imagine the role of quality and how it can help you reduce costs across all your plants.
Support team efficiency with InfinityQS
Ditch the paper, spreadsheets, and manual data entry. Consistent, accurate data forms the foundation for intelligent quality decisions. With InfinityQS, you can automate data collection across your plants and production lines, and our automated reports allow you to extract information that can help keep quality on the rise.
Not sure what to fix first or where your biggest opportunities for cost reduction reside across all your plants? Use InfinityQS’s dashboards and data aggregation tools to highlight where you can make the greatest impact on your business in the least amount of time. Prioritize quality initiatives for your Lean Manufacturing teams and Six Sigma projects using InfinityQS’s easy-to-use analysis tools and make a difference for your company now.

Support your teams

Process optimization
Ensure optimal flow.
Process efficiency
Maximize output.
Higher quality
Improve quality performance.
Improved maintenance
Minimize downtime.
Strategic reports
Highlight quality opportunities.
Higher engagement
Empower staff with quality information.
Maximized resources
Quickly pinpoint information for easier resource management.
Identify best corrective actions.

Platform benefits and features

Access centralized dashboards

Access centralized dashboards

Get single-pane-of-glass views to all quality-related data.
Set real-time alerts

Set real-time alerts

Minimize or prevent unscheduled downtime and improve response times.
Demonstrate ROI

Demonstrate ROI

Maximize production for proven system improvements and reduced costs.
Pinpoint potential improvements and weak spots

Pinpoint potential improvements and weak spots

Access centralized, aggregated quality data across the plant or enterprise.
Track compliance

Track compliance

Get compliance information from any plant, product, line, or test.

Take the first step from quality to excellence