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Gain strategic quality data insights from across your enterprise.

From the production floor to the board room, InfinityQS® makes it easier to gather, manage, and utilize quality data—with outstanding results.

Improve product quality
To produce high-quality products, manufacturers require more than real-time notification and a checkbox at the end of the production line. They need a genuine understanding of how every system works and a commitment to embed quality throughout the manufacturing processes. With InfinityQS quality control solutions, you gain visibility beyond a single process or plant. Gather both historical and real-time data from across the enterprise and the production lifecycle — then mine that quality data for strategic insights that proactively drive continuous improvement throughout your business.

Enhance reporting
Regular monitoring of your product and process quality can provide the insight you need to keep manufacturing running smoothly. With InfinityQS automated, standardized Quality Management and analysis tools, you save time and resources and reduce the potential for human error during data entry. Then, take advantage of standardized and configurable reporting options to keep an eye on the information you need — and stay up to date on any changing conditions.

Increase volume and yields
The more product you can get out the door, the better. But if quality slips, you’ll find that product headed straight back from your unhappy customers. With the targeted insights that InfinityQS Quality Management solutions provide, you can make sure that products are within spec and that quality hallmarks (net weight, fill, regulatory compliance) are consistent. Maximize your high-quality yield and keep your production line — and your business — humming.
Improve customer satisfaction
Customers demand high quality and reliable products. You need proven, efficient quality control methods to meet those demands. One faulty process can set back both production and customer loyalty. With InfinityQS, you get quality control solutions that help you respond to customer needs — quickly, flexibly, and consistently.
Minimize product recalls
Producing quality product demands intelligent insights into all processes, including visibility into the supply chain, trending information, automated notifications, and flexible control. Get all that and more with InfinityQS quality controls. Reduce both scrap and recalls by taking control of your product and process quality.

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Improving quality improves the effectiveness of connected teams.

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