Minimize Costs in
Manufacturing Production

Leverage the power of statistical process control (SPC) to identify and solve your costliest issues.

Prioritize Quality and Processes Optimization to Dramatically Reduce Costs

With enterprise-wide visibility into critical production data, you can continually fine-tune manufacturing production operations to ensure a healthy and profitable organization.
Maximize existing investments
You likely already have significant investments in your existing systems and infrastructure. That’s why we designed InfinityQS® solutions to integrate with a multitude of legacy systems. Simply deploy our software in your existing infrastructure. Our flexible solutions enable efficient quality management and process optimization in conjunction with most of the systems you already use. Integrations are enabled through your systems’ native protocols (ODBC connection, XML, TXT, and others). In addition, InfinityQS solutions support standard interface and operational components that are already familiar to users, empowering them with self-service, on-demand reporting. And the flexibility and scalability of our platforms enable you to support a single site or a global enterprise, without additional demands on IT resources.

Ensure quality of incoming materials
Supplier delays or raw material interruptions can derail your production timeline. With InfinityQS, you can analyze the quality and consistency of your raw materials and suppliers as well as your finished products. And real-time supplier monitoring eliminates acceptance sampling and reduces the need for holding large materials inventories.

Cut down on rework
The more product you can get out the door, the better. But if quality slips, you’ll find that product headed straight back from your unhappy customers. InfinityQS quality control solutions help you maximize product quality, so your production line—and your business—keeps humming.
Reduce waste and scrap
A robust solution powered by statistical process control (SPC) can reduce waste by helping your operations team spot critical out-of-spec dimensions. The earlier you catch such issues, the less wasted materials or recalled products you’ll need to deal with. InfinityQS SPC-driven solutions provide the tools you need to catch process problems—fast.
Reduce overfill and giveaway
Consumer products industries such as Food & Beverage manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing must ensure their products meet or exceed the stated net content weights on their labels. To avoid costly fines and recalls, manufacturers often err on the side of overfilling. But even tiny amounts of giveaway can significantly impact your bottom line. InfinityQS enables you to tighten tolerances and hit specification targets—potentially saving your organization millions of dollars.
Minimize maintenance disruptions
InfinityQS solutions integrate with your existing systems and infrastructure so that maintenance is faster and planned downtime shorter. Automation, familiar interface components, and self-serve functionality mean less need to put in IT requests—and less time spent waiting for support.
Streamline tracking and reporting
Regular monitoring of products, processes, and quality control provides the insight you need to keep manufacturing running smoothly. With InfinityQS, automated, standardized data collection and configurable reporting save time and resources and reduce the potential for human error. The result? Easier insight into—and control over—operational costs.


Measurable Results

Hundreds of InfinityQS clients responded to a survey we conducted, documenting savings in key metrics including scrap, rework, defects, cycle time, overtime, warranty claims, MRB/sorting, holds, escapes, data collection, reporting and recalls.

The average results are as follows:

  • 12.7% Weekly Scrap Reduction
  • 14.3% Man-hour Rework Reduction
  • 14.1% Overtime Reduction
  • 12.9% Defect Cost Reduction
  • 13.6% Cycle Time Reduction
  • 14.1% Warranty Claim Reduction
  • 11.5% MRB/Sorting Reduction
  • 12.5% Holds Reduction
  • 10.7% Escapes Reduction
  • 14.4% Data Collection Time Reduction
  • 17.1% Report Time Reduction
Measurable Results with InfinityQS

Easy to start. Easy to expand.

Enact empowers you to quickly realize the benefits of digital data collection and analysis. Start today with:

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  • Quick Setup wizard: your guide to configuring data collections
  • Video tutorials and easy-to-use help: available in our Guided Learning Center
  • Flexible expansion: reconfigure your licenses, add licenses, integrate with other manufacturing systems, and move to automated data collection—at any time
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