Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Real Time

Use SPC to improve quality, reduce variations, and optimize processes.

Improve Manufacturing Operations with Real-Time SPC

You probably collect quality data. But how is that data benefitting you? With the right Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solution, your collected data can provide actionable information about process performance and product quality and consistency. SPC is an industry-accepted practice that can minimize production costs, optimize product quality, and significantly reduce risk, defects, and inconsistencies.


Some of the World’s Biggest Brands Trust InfinityQS®

Why Choose InfinityQS for Real-Time SPC?

InfinityQS provides real-time SPC solutions that work where you need them. Our award-winning SPC solutions provide simple, intuitive shop-floor operator interfaces and powerful analysis capabilities for quality professionals and managers. For nearly 30 years, we have provided quality solutions to the world’s most demanding manufacturers.  

Our statisticians, quality professionals, and Six Sigma-certified experts agree that SPC should do more than point out problems; it should also proactively highlight opportunities for improvement. Discover how valuable the right SPC solution can be—and which capabilities are right for your organization. 
Real-Time SPC Data Collection

Improve Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

Unique, flexible features allow data collection times to be reduced by an average of 14.4% and reporting time by as much as 17.1%.

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Real-Time SPC Data Collection

Reduce Scrap, Waste, and Risk

Real-time, automated alerts and notifications help manufacturers see an average 12.7% reduction in weekly scrap and a 14.1% reduction in warranty claims.

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Real-Time SPC Reduce Scrap and Waste

Optimize Manufacturing Operations

InfinityQS SPC keeps manufacturing humming for quality, operations, IT, and management teams. Our customers report an average 14.1% reduction in overtime and a 14.3% reduction in man-hour rework..

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Real-Time SPC Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Savings and Yields

Control charts are just the beginning. Our SPC solutions uncover information that you can use to improve yields while reducing downtime and quality costs.  Maybe that’s why our customers report a 94% satisfaction rating.

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SPC Features and Functionality

Not just real-time SPC—real-life SPC. InfinityQS solutions are flexible enough to meet the needs of any size manufacturer. Our decades of manufacturing expertise and depth of SPC know-how allow us to provide feature-rich SPC software that addresses demanding requirements—the real-life challenges of your manufacturing environment.

InfinityQS Proficient 60/40 Pareto and Whisker Plot
  • Hundreds of control charts and reports, including Pareto and box-and-whisker charts, histograms, and more 

  • Ability to address real-life manufacturing challenges

  • Configurable notifications, alerts, and dashboards

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InfinityQS Proficient Deviation from Target Chart
InfinityQS Proficient Wandering Mean Option
InfinityQS Proficient Capability Analysis
InfinityQS Proficient Multiple Process Stream Analysis
  • Capabilities for both normal and non-normal distributions, short and long production runs, attributes, and variables data

  • Automated data collection, alarming, event notification, and compliance support

  • Reminders to ensure timely data collection

  • ​Sophisticated comparative analysis tools support cross-process, cross-product, and cross-site analysis

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InfinityQS Enact Process Model For Real-Time SPC
InfinityQS Enact Analysis Dashboard For Real-Time SPC
  • Individual setups support multiple product codes and processes—even across plants

  • Dashboards and comparative analysis reports for fast access to critical quality information 

  • Fast setup and easy deployment even across an enterprise

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Enact Operator Dashboard For Real-Time SPC
Enact Aggregate Dashboard For Real-Time SPC
Enact Learning Center For Real-Time SPC
Enact Learning Center Videos For Real-Time SPC
  • Role-based dashboards ensure appropriate data access

  • Shop-floor interfaces developed specifically with operators in mind

  • High levels of automation for data collection, alerts, alarms, emails, and notifications 

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InfinityQS Expertise for Real-Time SPC Expertise
  • Developed by statisticians and staffed by Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts

  • Nearly 30 years of experience serving a wide variety of different manufacturing industries

  • InfinityQS has been rated the #1 real-time SPC software provider

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Enact® captures and centralizes critical production data—and makes it immediately actionable so teams work efficiently and collaboratively. 

  • Meaningful information—when you need it—from any web-enabled device
  • Role-based dashboards reduce complexity and empower timely action
  • Streamlined data collection, notifications, workflows, and analytics
  • Fast deployment, easy configuration, and rapid scalability



SPC Software On Premises—and On Demand

ProFicient enables you to optimize performance and process capability—and make smarter decisions to meet your business goals.

  • Extraordinary flexibility and integration with existing systems
  • Tailored data views for at-a-glance, actionable information
  • Comprehensive SPC and analysis tools
  • Data visualization to quickly identify opportunities for improvement



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SPC Resources 

Want to see how InfinityQS makes real-time SPC indispensable to manufacturers across the globe? Take a look at these resources for real-life success stories, expert insights, solution details, and more.

Success Stories

With a single mouse click, we are now able to track data that previously took several man hours. The software also saves time in manipulating the data; exporting data to third-party analysis software like Minitab eliminates re-keying errors.
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We have a tradition and promise to uphold to our customers, so we evaluate our quality products very closely. InfinityQS's software and support services made the installation and setup easy, allowing us to increase work production while saving money and time.
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It is ultimately easier for the operator. Even with the minimal computer skills many of the operators had in the beginning, the overwhelming consensus is that they prefer using InfinityQS over a paper system.
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No other system would allow us to integrate real-time process data from disparate systems into MES or launch automated alerts and actions to give our engineers intelligence and feedback. InfinityQS has proven vital in resolving issues we didn’t even know we had.
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