Histogram Chart

A histogram is one of the most fundamental statistical process control (SPC) tools. These charts provide a quick view of variations within a process and are used to plot distributions of process data. 

In SPC analysis, histograms are often used in combination with control charts to dig into variations and determine whether processes are in control or out of specification.

Using Histogram Charts

The Use Of A Histogram Chart
By evaluating a histogram, you can see the spread of a data distribution, as well as how many and which measurements are hitting upper specification limits. To create a histogram, you’ll need to take regular measurements of a specific process. The value of each measurement becomes a bar on the chart. For example, this histogram charts measurements of a location C on a specific part. By looking at the measurements on a histogram, we can see that:
  • There is a wide spread across the distribution.
  • Numerous measurements are hitting the upper spec limit.
  • An expected loss of about 5% will occur if the process continues in the current manner.
See the Histogram Charts in Action

See the Histogram Chart in Action

Histograms can be combined with other SPC tools and control charts to surface important information and opportunities across one manufacturing line or throughout a site—even across sites.

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