What is SPC?

Six Sigma Process Control

If you are implementing Six Sigma to improve quality and eliminate defects, InfinityQS plays a critical role in the DMAIC project cycle.

Our software and services help you Define your objectives, Measure your products, Analyze your data, Improve your processes, and Control your quality.


InfinityQS Consulting Services will help you define your goals and business case, create a project scope and roadmap and determine a timeline.


InfinityQS Data Collection and Integration features allow you to input any type of measurement data into your system for analysis. InfinityQS Metrology tools help you ensure that your measurement devices are calibrated for accuracy and that your gages are functioning properly and yielding reliable data.


ProFicient employs highly sophisticated analytical tools and statistical equations that allow you to sort, slice and dice data in millions of ways, allowing extensive comparative analyses.


The data and analytics provided by ProFicient empower you to make real-time process improvement decisions. The software sends you instant alerts when your processes are out of control (or are approaching limits), allowing you to immediately fix your process before defects occur.


All of InfinityQS products and services are based on the principles of a controlled manufacturing environment for maximum quality and minimal defects. When your processes are in control, so are your products and your costs.

InfinityQS software plays a key role in implementing Six Sigma. Supported Six Sigma requirements include:
  • Control charts for both variable, defects and defectives data.
  • Advanced Pareto Analysis to support defect management, analysis, defect weighting analysis, cumulative defect counts through several process operations.
  • Million-way sorting of defects (by part, by process, by operator, by operation, by supplier, by anything tagged to the data).
  • Easily import and export between 3rd party applications (e.g. Excel, Minitab, JMP, Statistica).
  • InfinityQS is widely used by major corporations that have adopted the Six Sigma philosophy - Honeywell (formally AlliedSignal), Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon Endo Surgery, Cordis), Solectron

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