InfinityQS 24x7 ProFicient On-Demand Access Support

We know access to ProFicient On-Demand (POD) is critical for monitoring and optimizing product quality. With this in mind, the InfinityQS team is available 24x7 (excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance) to assist in the event you can’t access ProFicient On-Demand.

Contact Information:

24x7 POD Access Support – 1-877-772-7978,
Our highly trained 24x7 POD Access Support team works with users to resolve access issues.

Authorized Callers:  Only the person designated as the site primary contact is authorized to call the 24x7 POD Access Support telephone number.

Support Includes:

InfinityQS staff will provide on-call, 24x7 support for the following access issues:
  • You can’t access
    •, or
  • You can’t see the Proficient On-Demand login screen after clicking on the launcher icon.
  • You receive an error message when clicking on the launcher icon.
  • Proficient On-Demand takes longer than two minutes to launch.


When you experience any of the issues listed above, please follow the procedure below.
  1. Immediately contact your company’s designated site primary contact.
  2. The site primary contact should try to replicate the problem from another PC using the same login account that is having the problem.
  3. If the site primary contact cannot replicate the problem on another local PC, then the problem does not fall under 24x7 POD Access Support. In these cases, it is typically an internal issue that your technical resources will need to address.
  4. If the problem is replicated, then the site primary contact should contact 24x7 POD Access Support.
  5. Information to include in your call or email:
    • Site primary contact name, company name, and a call back number
    • The time of the reported incident
    • Brief description of the problem

Our Commitment to You:

An on-call staff will acknowledge your issue and will work to resolve it as quickly as possible. For issues that require more than 30 minutes to resolve, our team will send a status message every hour to your site primary contact explaining the nature of the incident, the type of system failure, and the resolution process. 

Effective 4/1/2017. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

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