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Effective Management & Comparative Reports

By implementing SPC, you have demonstrated your commitment to process control on the shop floor. But, what about understanding the big picture differences between manufacturing lines, shifts and products that are at the heart of cost containment and profitability? With InfinityQS software, users can create thorough management and comparative analysis reports for dramatically reducing waste, improving profitability and exposing hidden costs.

A Significant Difference Between InfinityQS and Competitors

With ProFicient, users can select any data to display on any chart. In fact, the entire database can be queried from just one chart. It's as simple as doing a right mouse click and choosing Data Selection. You can select data for any combination of Test characteristics and any Parts made on any Processes. Why is this so important? Because uncovering those critical differences permits the identification of performance gaps and trouble areas. The ability to perform these types of sophisticated, in-depth comparisons has literally saved our customers millions of dollars. Since you can place any data on any chart, InfinityQS™ is uniquely capable of creating the management reports and comparative analyses you need to uncover improvement opportunities.

Multi-Level Pareto Charts

In addition to the PartProcess and Test names that are tagged to a data point, an unlimited number of user-defined descriptors can also be tagged. Once data is entered, InfinityQS allows sorting against any combination of the descriptors. For example, engineers might want to know which engine serial numbers (descriptor) had a specific type of defect. They want to view the total number of each defect type, but show how many were associated to each serial number. The result is a Multi-Level Pareto chart at the right. Yellow bars represent the total number of defects by defect code, while blue bars show the amount from each individual serial number. The total number of blue bar defects equals the total in the yellow bars. Now, assume the engineers want to display the type of defects found and sort them by serial number. It is the same data, just reversed. The result is the second Pareto chart. It now shows the total number of defects for each serial number on the yellow bars, while the blue bars represent the type and number of defects by engine. Multi-Level charts display a Pareto chart within a Pareto chart, allowing two-dimensional viewing of defects and their origin, and they demonstrate the power and depth of information that can be displayed to managers with just a simple right mouse click.

Process Actions Reports and Process Action Pareto

Alarm violations, values outside of specs, data edits, unauthorized attempts to edit or delete data or even when a data check is not performed: all of these items are considered unusual events or Process Actions. InfinityQS™ keeps close tabs on these usual occurrences, saves the information to the database and even sends the traceability information out in the form of an email to the person(s) of your choosing--even over the Internet. (And, no, you don't need InfinityQS™ to receive those emails, it will work with your existing email system). The Process Action Report and Pareto Analysis can be sorted by time, employee, part, process, test or any other descriptor that has been tagged to the data, providing superior traceability and exceptionally tight control over yourInfinityQS™ SPC system.

Multi-Tier Box and Whisker Charts

By themselves, Box and Whisker Charts communicate an enormous amount of information in one simple graph. However, InfinityQS™ takes Box and Whisker Charts to a new level of usefulness. Our exclusive Multi-Tier Box and Whisker Chart allows viewing of individual box and whiskers as well as the components of variation that make up their total. For example, a manager wants to display variation for a part and understand if there is a difference in variation between product lot numbers (or any other descriptor). Using the InfinityQS™ Multi-Tier Box and Whisker chart, the data can be viewed so that overall part variability is displayed by a "major" box and whisker chart, while each lot is displayed in "minor" box and whisker charts. That is, overall variability can be broken down by its component sources of variation. The multi-tier Box and Whisker chart is well-known for its ability to highlight significant sources of variation and unveil tremendous improvement opportunities. The Multi-Tier Box and Whisker chart is a profoundly different, creative and powerful way to identify significant process differences and supercharge problem-solving efforts.

Other Management Reports

InfinityQS™ supports additional management reports:

  1. SPC Monitor (for remote viewing of Active Control Charts)
  2. Scatter Diagrams
  3. True Position Tolerance Plots
  4. Trend and Regression Analysis
  5. Normal Probability Plots
  6. Autocorrelation Charts



If you need SPC software that understands the needs of managers, engineers and quality professionals alike, then look no further.InfinityQS™ has been designed with exceptional reporting capabilities that allow you to sort and slice data like never before.InfinityQS™ ─ the manager's choice for identifying significant improvement opportunities and improving processes.

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