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Specifying ODBC Default Connection Parameters

Connecting to an ODBC Data Source

Anytime you launch an InfinityQS database application, such as ProFicient SPCEE, a data source must be specified. In addition, depending on the back-end database being used, additional parameters must also be defined. The parameters related to connecting to a data source (database) include:

  • Data Source Name, DSN
  • ODBC Driver, DRIVER
  • User Identification, UID
  • Password, PWD

Additionally, if the application has been secured the following two parameters will be required:

  • User Name, USER
  • Password, PASS

The user must specify these parameters when the application is first launched. The ODBC driver and InfinityQS applications will ask for the appropriate items automatically. Sometimes though, it is more appropriate to configure these values for the user.

Specifying Default Values

Any or all of these values may be specified as defaults, alleviating the user from the need to enter them during the start of the application. This can be accomplished by performing the following steps.

  1. Using Notepad or some other file editing utility locate or create an "IQS_SYS.INI" file in the Windows directory on the local PC.
  2. Locate (or create) the section,
  3. To specify the Data Source Name add the following item: 
    DSN=?; replace the question with the Data Source Name.
  4. To specify the User ID used to connect to the data source add the following item: 
    UID=?; replace the question with the User ID.
  5. To specify the Password that corresponds to the User ID add the following item: 
    PWD=?; replace the question with the Password for the specified User ID.
  6. To specify the User Name used by the application add the following item:
    USER=?; replace the question mark with the User Name.
  7. To specify the Password that corresponds to the User Name add the following item:
    PASS=?; replace the question mark with the Password.








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