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Ready to re-imagine the true value of your quality-related data, but not quite sure where to begin? Worried about solution costs, integration, or burdening IT resources? We get it. Your resources are valuable—and limited. You don’t have time to take a chance on expensive software that only does half the job or that locks you onto a proprietary track. And you certainly don’t need a solution that nickle-and-dimes you, charging extra for each bit of functionality or confining you to a one-size-fits-all deployment.
InfinityQS® offers a tested and proven, robust solution that integrates into your existing infrastructure, meets the unique needs of your industry, and offers immediate value for all your teams: operations, quality, IT, and executive. With InfinityQS, you get expert support and training from day one, as well as a custom demo and trial process that lets you experience exactly how the solution will work in your enterprise. We can help you determine the best deployment for your needs—both now and in the future—and build your business case for approval and buy-in from stakeholders to the production floor.

Industries served

With 2,500+ clients and over 40,000 installations worldwide, InfinityQS can meet the rigerous needs of the world's manufacurers. Choose below to find out how we meet industry-specific requirements.

Demo, trial, & pilot process

Choosing the right Quality Management software is a complex, critical decision for your whole organization. Let us help you to experience the power of InfinityQS. 

Live customized demo

Not your typical sales presentation. This live, 60- to 75-minute webinar, is designed specifically for you, using your real quality data to demonstrate how InfinityQS can address your most pressing quality concerns. 

When you contact us for a demo, a certified Six Sigma Green Belt will guide you through the process. Your guide will ask about your company requirements and quality initiatives, then request sample data from your quality systems so that he or she can create a customized demo that answers your questions about how InfinityQS will serve your needs.

You’ll walk away knowing:
  • How the solution apples to your organization, your needs, and your goals
  • Pricing and anticipated ROI for your organization
  • The value proposition you can take to your CFO and CEO

Request a live demo

Free 30-day trial

When you’re ready to get hands-on with the software, you may request a free 30-day trial. When you request your download, we’ll provide you with an access code so you can see the full functionality of InfinityQS’s industry-leading Quality Management software platform.

Recommended for tech- and software-savvy team members, the free trial gives you time to explore the feature-rich platform and get a sense of the extensive value it can provide at the shop-floor level—and beyond. 

With the software trial, you’ll get an overview of the:
  • Full feature set in ProFicient
  • Flexibility and versatility the platform can deliver
  • User-friendly interface
  • Variety of statistical control charts and indicators
  • Depth of analytics, dashboards, and reports 

Download a free trial

On-site pilot program

For many enterprises, a working pilot is part of the selection process for mission-critical software and systems. InfinityQS certified Six Sigma Green Belts are happy to guide your team in implementing an on-site, working pilot program.

Your guide will work with you to gather your organizational requirements and coordinate with your key stakeholders.

Our expert will help your team:
  • Install and set up an initial implementation
  • Understand and resolve technical questions and issues
  • Learn how to configure the software and its features to meet your needs
  • Make recommendations for getting the most out of your initial installation
  • Assist your team when you’re ready to roll out InfinityQS in production


Train your teams

To help you succeed at the highest levels and achieve your quality goals, we offer a variety of training courses designed to build a foundational and advanced knowledge of our software.

Public courses

Our reoccurring standard courses, led by InfinityQS instructors at our training center in Fairfax, VA. Open to all InfinityQS clients.


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