Expanded Deployment

Complete your enterprise-wide deployment.

Implement Manufacturing Intelligence across your enterprise

After completion of your initial deployment, it’s time to turn your focus to automating process-specific data collection. Enterprise-wide deployments offer the ability to complete your entire implementation across all facilities and into your supply chains. With an expanded deployment, your entire database structure is organized and populated, correct statistical tools are selected, projects are developed, workstations and gauges are set up, and all appropriate training is conducted.
InfinityQS® experts can help your quality team expand your deployment to achieve the following milestones:
  • Collect process data, such as machine speeds, feeds, and temperatures.
  • Develop a complete picture of product and process quality for analysts.
  • Automatically integrate data from other systems, such as MES or ERP.
  • Capture and share metrics and activities from across the production process.
  • Update reporting to include additional data sources.
Expanded Deployment

Adapt to changing needs

If you experience changes in business demands or face personnel turnover, our engineers are available to perform gap analysis or to adjust your roadmap for the continued success of your InfinityQS deployment. For more information, explore our professional and expert service offerings.

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