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Whether you plan to deploy InfinityQS® solutions on premises or on demand, at one location or at multiple sites across the country or around the globe—we recommend a simple start to get you up and running quickly.
During the planning/previsit stage, our experts work with you to determine your greatest need or area of opportunity. Our team works with you to evaluate and verify your environment, understand your priorities, and set target dates.
Based on what we learn during the planning stage, deployment comprises several focused phases. This phased approach enables you to begin using InfinityQS solutions as quickly as possible in that area, then build and expand the reach of your deployment from there.


InfinityQS solutions

Phase 1

For smaller organizations or those that want to deploy a pilot to test InfinityQS solutions, we begin with an accelerated launch program to not only activate the solutions but also to create integrated processes and workflows that are proven to improve quality metrics. Phase1 offers the quickest means for achieving these milestones:
  • Begin entering quality data on the shop floor.
  • Import appropriate specification limits into the InfinityQS system.
  • Provide real-time visibility for management into process or product quality issues.
  • Create management roll-ups, reports, and summaries of quality data.
  • Monitor and display alarms that indicate out-of-control or out-of-specification conditions.
  • Activate email alerts.
  • Complete ProFicient Fundamentals Training.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of our deployment program builds on the foundation established during Phase 1. Phase 2 focuses on incorporating automated data collection methods, from manual operator input to electronic data collection. Phase 2 enables you to reach these milestones:
  • Automate data collection from electronic devices such as scales and hand-held gauges.
  • Expand the use of Manufacturing Intelligence and Statistical Process Control (SPC) throughout the plant or across other sites.
  • Enhance the depth and breadth of management reporting.
  • Create reports for communicating with management, customers, and suppliers.
Many customers want to combine Phases 1 and 2 to minimize the deployment footprint at each site. InfinityQS is happy to work with you on a deployment strategy that will be most effective.

Data Integration

A major aspect of InfinityQS installation is the integration of our solution with your existing business system software. Many of our customers need InfinityQS to "talk" with existing systems such as laboratory information management system (LIMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and manufacturing execution system (MES) implementations. Fortunately, our open architecture makes this type of communication possible.

To accelerate data integration, InfinityQS offers integration tools, software components, data collection hardware components, and technical support services, including our Professional Services. Discover more information about expanding your deployment.

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