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InfinityQS offers a range of professional services—directly or through qualified service providers—to accelerate your deployment and adoption and help you maximize your InfinityQS system. Our team and authorized service providers are staffed with skilled quality experts, including certified quality engineers, industrial statisticians, and Six Sigma Black Belts, all of whom possess valuable manufacturing experience. We also offer deep expertise on implementing InfinityQS products within a broad range of IT environments.

Professional Services

Select from the following three options for professional services:

  • InfinityQS Professional Services. InfinityQS staff provide planning, implementation design, project management, and other services.
  • Managed Service Provider Services. Qualified, independent Service Providers are managed by InfinityQS staff.
  • Service Provider Services. All services are provided independent of InfinityQS by an approved Service Provider. Learn about Service Providers in your region.

Whichever option you choose, you benefit from expertise and a depth of knowledge about InfinityQS’s powerful capabilities. Our professional services can help you quickly generate a return on investment, support changing business needs, and identify potential process improvements for increased productivity.
Customize Your Solution
InfinityQS solutions provide a high level of built-in configurability. But as competitive manufacturers leverage evolving technology to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, environmental complexity can also increase. When unique system differences make communicating with ProFicient a challenge, InfinityQS provides a Custom Software License (CSL). You can use available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to extend the functionality of ProFicient to meet your most unique and challenging needs. Contact your Global Account Manager (GAM) for more information about CSL.

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