Improving Your Software Deployment

Leverage our rich library of resources to ensure you have the latest ProFicient features—and get the greatest value from your SPC quality solution.

Solve Real-world Quality Management Challenges

Real-life quality experts reveal how they solved important quality and process problems at their facilities—using InfinityQS software. This video series will help you use Statistical Process Control (SPC) more effectively to:

  • Reduce customer complaints—and costs
  • Minimize waste and rework with Assignable Cause and Corrective Action Codes
  • Improve data collection accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduce overfill—without violating net weight requirements
  •  Improve your processes—and efficiency—using 5S principles

Get inspired

Watch our special Tips & Tricks series—in one sitting or in small bites—to get practical examples for optimizing ProFicient. Presented by Ian Farrell, Quality Manager at Ocean Spray Cranberries, this video snapshot series includes:

  • Key considerations for optimizing your SPC solution
  • How to structure your improvement process
  • How to establish standard naming conventions
  • Highlights of cool features you might not know about
  • How to maintain your gains

Consider the advantages of the cloud with ProFicient on Demand

Cloud-based ProFicient on Demand (PoD) provides real-time data analysis and decision making while lowering ownership costs.

When you migrate your ProFicient on-premises systems to this cloud-based quality management solution, you’ll have instant access to quality information from across your enterprise, enabling real-time collaboration and revealing operational insights that can help your teams improve product quality and process efficiency.


Deployment and Adoption Best
Practices for ProFicient

Manufacturers are deploying InfinityQS’ robust legacy product, ProFicient, to streamline quality
and safety compliance—and seeing an outstanding return on investment.
In this detailed guide, you’ll discover best practices for:
  • Deployment and Adoption
  • Support and Administration
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • Using Charts and Reports
  • Creating a Good User Experience

Upgrade your system

When you upgrade to the latest version of ProFicient, you’ll get the most advanced quality management tools—and get greater value from your investment in the SPC software you rely on. By upgrading you can:
  • Enhance quality management and compliance with automated data collection, scheduling and notifications, and enhanced charting and dashboards.
  • Improve quality visibility and collaboration with support for multi-site and supply chain quality analysis, aggregated quality data across sites and suppliers.
  • Simplify report creation and analytics for quality professionals and decision makers.

Explore ProFicient Add-On Products

ProFicient™ has a full line of InfinityQS add-on products that work together to deliver a complete, comprehensive quality improvement solution. Learn more about our other products.

Capture and combine data from a multitude of sources for a true understanding of how key process parameters affect the quality of your manufactured products. Learn more >

Take the guesswork out of monitoring and completing quality checks with Dynamic Scheduler. Learn more >

Make consolidating data a snap—even when data resides in separate databases, different plants, or different countries. Learn more >

Give managers, supervisors, and other key quality team personnel fast, visualized information about where quality process events are assigned during specified periods. Learn more >

Real-time monitoring interface highlights color-coded control charts for easy interpretation by users. Learn more >

Fully automate data monitoring for intelligent, rapid decision-making. Learn more >

Automatically monitor all active data streams regardless of deployment type. Learn more >