A Global, Cloud-Based Quality Management System

With ProFicient on Demand, sites located across the globe can share quality performance metrics and best practices. Use this capability to help ensure consistent quality and raise overall quality performance across all your sites.

Seize the Opportunities of the Cloud

ProFicient on Demand (PoD) offers flexible, scalable SPC software hosted in the cloud, enabling organizations to reduce deployment and maintenance costs while supporting operational agility and scalability. Centralized data enables strategic advantages.

  • Total data visibility: A single version of the truth for all stakeholders
  • Ease of deployment: Scale easily and automatically
  • Access from any device: Real-time data through any browser
  • Standardization: Make quality monitoring more effective and efficient across sites
  • Reduce operational costs: Reduce infrastructure and IT support
  • Hassle-free updates: Eliminate the cost and hassle of software, hardware, and technology upgrades

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ProFicient on Demand delivers enterprise-wide visibility into quality performance, driving faster return on investment

Six secrets to success for quick deployment and immediate results. 
  1. Centralized leadership. Appoint a project leader who has the authority to make decisions and set direction.
  2. Fixed scope. Clearly define the goals and timeframes that everyone is working toward.
  3. Available resources. Be sure experts are available when their input and help is needed.
  4. Participation from all departments. Involve critical stakeholders in pilot development and implementation.
  5. System access. Ensure InfinityQS engineers have access to perform deployment tasks as quickly as possible.
  6. Standardization. Keep everyone on the same page to streamline deployment.

Improve Visibility—Across Sites and Across the Globe

Thanks to PoDs unified data repository, corporate quality performance monitoring has never been easier.

Share Operational Insights from Plant Floor to Boardroom

Now you can share data and conduct comparative analyses across sites, to ensure consistent quality and determine the best ways to improve overall quality performance.

Quality professionals and team leaders can quickly discover what’s working, what areas need attention, where to apply best practices, and how to prioritize improvement efforts—across the organization.

And if your suppliers use InfinityQS software, you can extend your real-time visibility to their manufacturing processes, as well.

ProFicient on Demand and the Supply Chain

Enable real-time statistical analysis and visibility into quality data for product components, even before they leave the supplier.

  • Have suppliers enter data via a web-based interface or give them full access to ProFicient on Demand.
  • Proactively monitor quality of inbound materials to ensure only quality raw materials are used in your operations.
  • No servers needed at vendor site, only a simple web-connected workstation.
  • Provide ProFicient on Demand to your suppliers or defer the cost to the supplier.
  • Identify non-compliant material before it even leaves the supplier’s plant.

Get Your Preferred Deployment Up and Running Fast

With ProFicient on Demand, all you need is an internet connection to quickly establish browser-based access. A simple plug-in takes the place of lengthy PC- or server-based installations, minimizing your upfront investment. Plus, you can scale easily and automatically.
You can choose to host your data in InfinityQS’s data center or your own.

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