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Shop Floor Data Collection

Are you looking to implement SPC on your shop floor, but find yourself frustrated with using software designed primarily for office use? Are you concerned with the lack of computer skills by those who will be using the software? InfinityQS software is specifically designed to make data collection a breeze, even in challenging or harsh manufacturing environments. Our exclusive Shop Floor Mode allows users to enter data, update control charts and alarm in real time without even touching the computer. In fact, operators and technicians who have never seen a computer find ProFicient effortless to operate. ProFicient was designed specifically to easily manage the difficult and unique challenges faced by shop floor and laboratory personnel in manufacturing environments around the world.

Exclusive Shop Floor Mode

The ProFicient Shop Floor Mode options make data entry and navigation exceptionally easy for operators and lab personnel alike. You don't even need a mouse to use it. With the large buttons and clear, uncomplicated graphics, navigation is simple. In fact, ProFicient menus and ribbon buttons can be hidden. Therefore, administrators can precisely control the software environment and minimize problems, mis-clicks and errors that are so common with new computer users. Full Screen Mode allows administrators even more control over ProFicient. By enabling the Full Screen Mode option, the standard Windows® Exit, Minimize and Maximize capabilities are disabled. Therefore, the screen cannot be removed from the users' view. Also, Full Screen Mode makes it very difficult to access other software programs or navigate outside of ProFicient.

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Touch Screen Options and Touch Screen Mode

Because of the unique challenges of a wet, oily, dusty or otherwise aggressive manufacturing environment, some companies choose to use touch screen computers on the shop floor. ProFicient is especially well-suited for this type of environment. By enabling the Touch Screen Mode, data entry screens, windows, buttons and text are displayed in a large, easy-to-read (and touch) manner. The especially large windows and buttons make it effortless for operators to enter data and navigate the software. Because of the size of the buttons and screens, even personnel wearing gloves can easily operate the system. There are buttons that provide access to on-screen keyboards (both QWERTY and Alphabetical formats) for entering notes, lot numbers, and other descriptors. Access can also be gained to numeric keypads for manually entering subgroup data and other numeric information.

Automatic Data Entry and Alarm Notification

The non-proprietary, open-architecture platform of ProFicient allows virtually anyelectronic gage or scale to be used for data entry. Not only can the system be set up to accept automatic data entry, but it can automatically sense data being collected, open the data entry window, save the data, and trigger user-defined statistical and non-statistical alarms—all in real time and without the user ever touching the computer. All an operator needs to do is pick up their gage (or put product on a scale), take their measurements and ProFicient does the rest. In the event of an alarm, the control chart background automatically turns red, a red alarm screen is displayed to the user, and emails describing the event are automatically sent out to the person(s) of your choice— even over the Internet. Users receiving emails are not required to run ProFicient. Since ProFicient is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) compliant, the email notifications can be sent through Lotus Notes®, Microsoft Outlook® or any other standard email application.

Full Screen Gage Reading

When using electronic gages, the Full Screen Gage Reading option displays an enormous, full screen display of the measurement just taken. It also shows either a green, red or yellow bar below the measurement. The colored bar instantly indicates if the value is in spec (green), out of spec (red), or getting close to the specification limit (yellow). This is especially useful when operators take readings but are physically displaced from their computer. With the full screen gage reading, users can easily view their measurements from up to 30 feet away.


If you are looking for SPC software that handles the most aggressive, difficult environments, yet is tailor-made for users unaccustomed to computers or software, then look no further. ProFicient was designed with the shop floor in mind. With automatic data entry, alarms and emails combined with oversized buttons, toolbars, on-screen keypads and keyboards, ProFicient is the operators' choice and the system administrator's friend.

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