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Before opening a case:

At InfinityQS, we pride ourselves on being a responsive organization throughout the life cycle of your system. That's why we encourage clients to report any problems encountered using our software solutions. We do, however, advise that you take full advantage of our extensive online library of Frequently Asked QuestionsTech notes, Documentation, Help system, and Downloads. You will probably find your answer in one of those locations. It is likely that your type of problem has already been reported or it may even already have been fixed in a newer version than what you are running. You should therefore use these resources before submitting your issue to ensure the quickest possible resolution.

When submitting a problem report:

Help us help you by prioritizing your inquiry's level of urgency when reporting problems. Make sure to indicate the appropriate priority level when submitting your problem report.

  • High: Total loss of software use for all users, or a situation has occurred that has a major impact on operations (e.g. loss of required functionality and no workaround is available).
  • Medium: Moderate operations or functional difficulties (e.g. ongoing inconvenience to users, application performs but is slow to respond, or issues that have a suitable workaround available).
    Low: A situation which has minor/negligible impact on operations (e.g. cosmetic issues).

All Support Requests should contain the following information, which will be used by our Technical Support personnel to diagnose and solve the problem:

  • Your name and organization
  • Product name
  • Product Version and Build Number (i.e. 2002.16)
  • Description of the problem; steps taken to re-create the bug

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