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Enact empowers teams to improve quality and compliance, optimize processes, and reduce waste and costs.


Minimize Production Costs. Maximize Customer Value.

When you optimize processes, quality, and
operations, everyone wins.


Mitigate Quality &
Compliance Risks

Put best-of-breed quality management
at the center of your operations.

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Transform Manufacturing with the Power of the Cloud

Maximize agility, performance, productivity, and efficiency with the InfinityQS Enact Quality Intelligence platform.

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Frost & Sullivan

“Enact allows for Statistical Process Control (SPC) quality intelligence in the cloud, enabling a complete quality transformation for manufacturers.”

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Get Measurable Improvements with Advanced Quality Platforms Powered by Statistical Process Control

InfinityQS® is the leading global provider of software solutions for manufacturing optimization.
Powered by our advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) analytics engine, our elegant solutions enable manufacturers to get extraordinary value—from the data at the heart of manufacturing
production operations.

Gain Strategic Insight with InfinityQS

Optimize Performance Across Production Processes

Gain visibility into process capability and variations to reduce waste, scrap, and rework; improve yield and utilization; and make your plant-floor operations more efficient and productive.
  • Capture real-time quality data from across the enterprise
  • Unify quality data for easier access
  • Improve process evaluation
  • Accelerate data analysis
  • Improve decision making
  • Modernize tracking and reporting
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Gain Strategic Insight with InfinityQS

Ensure Product & Quality Compliance

Gain confident control of internal and external product specifications, policies, and regulations while improving traceability and simplifying audits. 
  • Ensure product specification compliance 
  • Meet Lean and Six Sigma requirements
  • Improve traceability and reduce recall risk
  • Simplify audits and enhance reporting
  • Comply with regulations
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Reduce Cost and Risk with InfinityQS

Minimize Costs in Manufacturing Production

Continually fine-tune manufacturing production operations to ensure a healthy and profitable organization.
  • Cut down on scrap and rework 
  • Optimize resource and materials utilization
  • Ensure optimal process capability
  • Minimize downtime 
  • Improve volume and yields
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Optimize Processes with InfinityQS

Improve Product Quality & Boost Perceived Value

Deliver consistent and improved product quality, enhance sustainability, and increase responsiveness to changing business, market, and operational needs.
  • Monitor supplier quality 
  • Reduce defects
  • Continuously improve product quality
  • Ensure reliable product consistency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Improve Efficiency and Compliance with InfinityQS

Reduce Risk & Protect Your Brand

Prioritize quality and process control to minimize downtime and reduce regulatory compliance risks, customer complaints and recalls while protecting brand equity.
  • Reduce customer complaints 
  • Protect brand equity
  • Minimize product recalls
  • Maximize existing investments
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Learn from Your Data—Transform Your Business

Bring the information that matters to the people who need it—so teams can improve quality and processes, reduce waste and risk, and ensure compliance.


Enact® captures and centralizes critical production data—and makes it immediately actionable so teams work efficiently and collaboratively. 

  • Meaningful information—when you need it—from any web-enabled device
  • Role-based dashboards reduce complexity and empower timely action
  • Streamlined data collection, notifications, workflows, and analytics
  • Fast deployment, easy configuration, and rapid scalability




ProFicient enables you to optimize performance and process capability—and make smarter decisions to meet your business goals.

  • Extraordinary flexibility and integration with existing systems
  • Tailored data views for at-a-glance, actionable information
  • Comprehensive SPC and analysis tools
  • Data visualization to quickly identify opportunities for improvement


Elegant Solutions for
Smart Manufacturing Optimization

The smart factory runs from the plant floor up. Build stronger connections between systems, processes, and outcomes by ensuring your digital tools talk to one another—so data makes sense to your teams.

When plant-floor teams have real-time access to information they need, it’s easier to ensure consistent quality and compliance.
  • Reduce complexity
  • Simplify quality and compliance checks
  • Maintain focus on critical tasks
  • Empower timely corrective actions
  • Ensure accountability
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When improvement teams have real-time data and advanced visualization tools, it’s easier to implement strategic improvements that directly benefit the bottom line.
  • Make data accessible and useful
  • Maintain standardization across processes, lines, and plants
  • Simplify and streamline audits and reporting
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Go from reactive to proactive mode
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When executives and operations leaders have an informed view of organizational health, it’s easier to provide proactive, strategic leadership.
  • Unify your data and align your teams
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Meet compliance demands
  • Maximize your existing resources
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